If you're going out to shoot, check the local weather. It is amazing how varied our weather is over a small area. Travel throughout San Luis Obispo county and you will find very diverse weather and climate patterns, especially during the summer months. I recently photographed two homes on the same day due to the close proximity of the homes to each other. (The price of gas has greatly increased my scheduling efficiency.) It only took fifteen minutes to drive from one home to the other. However, the shooting conditions changed so radically it was like being on two different planets.

Weather Underground is my favorite weather site. They have the "Wunder Photos" page with pictures from all over the world. If you type in your area code they have a great page with your local weather. Scroll to the bottom of the local page and you'll find folks from your area that have set up their own weather station and linked it to the Weather Underground site. This makes it possible to get very localized, real time weather reports. Here are the Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo pages (scroll to the bottom to see the personal weather stations).