One picture really is worth a thousand words. The best way to show the world your place of business is with a great photograph. In a competitive market where your clients are making decisions based on information they see on your website, a great photograph is of immeasurable value. If you have a bed & breakfast, restaurant, winery, motel, or any business that would benefit from better exposure on the Internet, give me a call.

All of my tours are satisfaction guaranteed, if you don't like the tour you don't pay for it....All of the tours are sized for two speeds (high speed connection & dial up). If you have any questions please check the FAQ page first. If you still have questions give me a call at 805-423-0174.

The photos below are links to some of my virtual tours done for businesses.

Pavilion On The Lake

The Pavilion on the Lake is the City of Atascadero's premier banquet, reception, and conference facility located in the picturesque Atascadero Lake Park.

With approximately 10,000 square feet of space,the Pavilion on the Lake is the perfect setting for parties, conferences,
wedding ceremonies and receptions, and all special events! For more information visit the Pavilion on the Lake webpage.

Villa De Buena Vista Bed & Breakfast

Patti & Charlie at Villa De Buena Vista have accomplished a very difficult task. They have taken a large, majestic building and given it a warm, relaxed, cozy feeling.........I was sitting on the terrace by the pool waiting on the sunset and I almost forgot why I was there, nearly missing the shot you see at the right. It's easy to forget the rest of the world exists when you are at the Villa.

They also have complete wedding, business meeting, and banquet facilities.